Rapporteur Session Reports


  Keynote: Doris Pack 


  What are the key drivers of change and who are today’s leaders?


Politics, activism and the arts: how do we support advocacy for freedom of expression and cultural rights? 


Transnational connections and flows: what is the impact of multilateral trade negotiations on cultural policies? 

  Whose vision is it anyway? Leadership in times of political tension, deficits in democracy and recurrent financial crises

  What role for culture in foreign policy: How important is the relationship between culture and international relations?



New approaches, new directions


Unexpected partnerships: where are the new spaces for creation and creativity and how do we support them? 



Enhancing leadership through training: what capacity-building programmes contribute to the culture sector and how?  


Changing the way the arts and culture are supported: Who takes the lead and who makes the decisions?  


Making the most of the digital era: new substance or just ever increasing speed? 


Innovation in action: how are cultural actors transforming the sector?   


Emerging leaders: what is the role of networks in supporting the culture sector, developing new visions and information decision-makers?  


Agents of change: what is the role of cities and local governments in developing the arts and culture?   


Democratisation or information cacophony: how do we communicate about the arts and culture and reach our audience?   


What next? Leading for the future