The arts and culture face a number of challenges and opportunities in the 21
st century as new technologies affect the production and distribution of goods and services; new patterns of migration emerge; and national contexts constantly shift with austerity measures and requests for reform. At the same time, artists and culture operators aspire to extend their impact to other sectors, while striving to ensure freedom of expression and cultural diversity. 

New models of cultural leadership are more important than ever as we work to affirm the arts and culture as pillars of social development. At a time when the notion of participatory governance is prevalent, no decision can be made without the involvement of multiple stakeholders, and the tradition of top-down leadership is no longer the only model. Artists, networks, advocacy groups, and professional organisations play an increasingly important role in engaging people, debating the issues, and proposing solutions to the challenges of our times.

The Summit will explore changing perceptions of leadership and address a number of questions: What are the issues? How are decisions being made, and by whom? How is leadership defined in different cultures? How can governments and civil society collaborate? And where do we go from here?


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