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Tuesday 18 October


Registration and Opening Ceremony at Palace Valletta




Wednesday 19 October

Reaching the crossroads: where are we and how did we get here?


The keynote speaker will share their views on the changing role and position of leadership. 


What brought us to the crossroads? The opening panel will explore a range of views on the pressing issues that have brought us to the crossroads, and panellists will reflect on those that are having a profound impact on the cultural sector.


What are the drivers of change and who are today’s leaders? This panel will consider the roles and interaction between governments, artists and cultural professionals. Panellists will invite the audience to reflect on the nature of cultural leadership and question the benefits of stability, engaging with reform, and how artists and creators can be empowered to take part in these processes.

Parallel sessions

Sessions will address specific global developments that contribute to changing the environments of arts and culture, and connect stakeholders with different priorities and circumstances.

Cultural Programme

A varied programme of music, theatre and dance will showcase the arts and culture of Malta in the evening.


Thursday 20 October

Looking ahead: where are we going and how do we get there?


The keynote speaker will draw on their experience as a cultural leader to offer insight into how we can find effective ways forward.       


New approaches, new directions. Panellists will explore examples of communities, networks, government organisations, and funding bodies that have found innovative new ways to address challenges in the arts and culture sector: from reforming policy instruments, to designing new models for production and distribution.

Parallel sessions

The afternoon will be divided into two sets of parallel sessions. The first set of sessions will drive discussion about the nature and practice of cultural leadership and will reflect on how to strengthen cultural leaders through education and capacity building, as well as how stakeholders can work together to make decisions.

The second set of sessions will address platforms and organisational models that provide space for new types of leadership. Sessions will look at different dimensions relevant to the future of the arts and culture: innovative models and platforms; networks as agents of change and knowledge; the role of cities and local governments in cultural development; and communicating arts and culture.

Gala Dinner

The official Summit dinner will take place at the Summer Palace. Delegates are welcome to bring accompanying guests if registered in advance. Find full information on the summit website. 



Friday 21 October

Moving forward: what do we take with us?



The final keynote speaker will offer their perspective on priorities and the knowledge needed to lead others on the journey through change.


Rapporteurs will summarise the week’s discussions and outline the key ideas that may shape cultural leadership as we move through the 21st century.


The host of the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture will be announced, followed by a closing lunch.