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Brian O’Regan, creator and host of the Arts Leaders Podcast, attended the 7th World Summit on Arts & Culture and interviewed a number of speakers from the programme, including Arn Chorn-Pond, Arundhati Ghosh, Robert Palmer, Oussama Rifahi and Lidia Varbanova. 

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ASEF culture 360

7th World Summit on Arts & Culture, Malta: Key Messages


Long live art and culture the keys to human experience

 Wednesday 26 October 2016








How can art and culture play a leading role in an epoch obsessed with itself and the pursuit of instant gratification, narcissism and financial crisis?

Those are the central questions at the World Summit on Arts and Culture in the Maltese capital Valletta.

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Malta hosts World Summit on Arts and Culture

Thursday 20 October, 2016








Held in the capital Valletta, the event brings together leaders from over 80 countries to explore cultural leadership in the 21st century.

In a world faced with challenges including the impact of new technologies, threats to global security, new migration patterns and austerity measures, what role can culture play?

“In Malta, we are conscious of the fact that we are a small country and therefore it’s very easy for the cultural sector to suffer of insularity unless we are constantly aware of the importance of networking and therefore a summit like this, that brings the cultural world together, is extremely important for us,” says Albert Marshall, chairman of Arts Council Malta, which is co-hosting the event.

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Times of Malta

Realm of cultural discussions

The government has strived hard to support and enhance the cultural sector in Malta. Through Arts Council Malta, it has launched a strategy which aims to create a sustainable sector while at the same time cultivating professionalism within the rich local talent.

In fact, within the last couple of years, Arts Council Malta has embarked on several projects and funding programmes that strive to help artists in planning ahead with their projects.

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ASEF culture 360

7th World Summit on Arts and Culture: Interview with Nina Obulgen

Wednesday, 29th June 2016

Dr Nina Obuljen Korzinek is the Programme Director of the forthcoming 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture, to be held in Malta. Nina has an extensive experience as a researcher and academic in the field of cultural policies and cultural cooperation and has worked as an expert on various projects for UNESCO, Council of Europe, European Cultural Foundation, UNDP, European Parliament among others.  In this conversation, Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio asked Nina to expand on the next World Summit topics and on different questions related to cultural cooperation, cultural leadership, networks and mobility.